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Art Advisory

With more than 20 years experience in the international market, we source and market rare and collectable works of art, offering a full range of valuation and research services. 

We pride ourselves on discretion and expertise.


We assist in all areas of valuation, curation, cataloguing, marketing, exhibition and publication of works, having consulted to major banking organisations, hotels and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), City Gallery Wellington (NZ), The National Trust of Australia, Duxton Hotel Group, Pan Pacific Group, and the Venice Biennale among many others.


We regularly offer pieces to our extensive network of private clients, and when appropriate negotiate the sale of works via public auction, online sale or via associated agents overseas.

As part of the process, we offer valuation services, and research access to market data and history to provide a full history of your collection. 


One of the first agents to offer art registration and trading on the blockchain. The process involves issuing a digital token registered on the blockchain that represents the physical asset. This conversion potentially allows investors more trading flexibility—shares of a digital asset can be divided into small percentages among multiple shareholders, and ownership and transaction records of the asset are embedded on the blockchain, making them unchangeable and more secure.

Arthur Boyd

John Olsen

Charles Blackman

Robert Juniper

James Gleeson

Norman Lindsay

Rosaleen Norton

Aleister Crowley

Austin Spare

Danie Mellor

Alex Proyas

Wendy Sharpe

Shepard Fairey

Salvador Dali

Pablo Picasso

David Bromley

Giorgio DeChirico

Max Ernst

Andre Masson

Andy Warhol

Rob Sheridan

David Boyd

Johnny Romeo

Ben Juniper


John Coburn

Jean-michel Cholette