We offer new and established collectors a comprehensive appreciation of their collection, its current parameters and future directions.  Additionally, specific art valuation reports assist the clients of Family Offices, Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors and Family Lawyers.


Consistent and regular valuations are an important process to the ongoing maintenance and documentation of a collection. Seeking the advice and services of an experienced and knowledgeable professional is a critical step in the provision of an accurate art valuation, and can be tailored according to its objective.  


We provide valuations for the purposes of:



Financial reporting;

Asset Validation;

Liquidation reports;

Estate planning and division; and

Family Law property negotiations.

Robert Buratti is a AVAA Certified Practising Valuer and has undertaken numerous and varied valuations, from the appraisal of privately owned artworks, to extensive corporate collections.

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Reports


An added value component of our valuation services are our Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale reports.  These succinct and expediently produced reports provide the buyer or seller with peace of mind prior to a purchase or sale.  


A Pre-Purchase report comprises an assessment of provenance and asking price provided by the seller, in consideration of the current market value and is most suitable for buying at auction, from a gallery or private dealer.  


A Pre-Sale report is recommended when selling an artwork in order to accurately set a market-ready price. The report comprises an assessment of provenance and condition, and includes a recommendation for the most suitable platform (auction, private transaction) and market (region, city) for sale.

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