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Artist Information

Ben arrived at his current metier via a circuitous route, having trained as a jeweller, followed by a successful, if brief musical career and stints as a commercial set painter. A strong sense of design that synergises writhing free-form lines, scrolls, spirals and myriad textures characterises Ben’s style, as can be seen in the sculptures, fantastical wrought iron gates, chandeliers, weathervanes, daybeds and elaborate water-features being just a few of his recent commissions.


Flamboyant Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), whose work was organic, eclectic and revolutionary for its time,  is among many influences cited by Ben including Picasso, Calder, Miro, Klee, Whiteley and  Albert Paley. Another significant influence was Ben’s father, Western Australian inaugral state ‘Living Treasure’, the late Robert Juniper AM  who taught him how to use an oxy torch at the age of twelve.


The younger Juniper has been quoted as saying “I didn’t feel the need to go to an art school, I grew up in one!” Ben enjoys applying jewellers techniques to his large scale projects. Examples of this would be using a combination of noble and ferrous metals to provide great contrast in reflective light and texture or using copper to ‘set’ glass like a stone. His work has been described as ‘Jewellery for Buildings’.