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Artist Information

Writer, director, producer, photographer. Born in Egypt to Greek-Egyptian parents, lives in Sydney, Australia. Arrived in Australia at age two.

Proyas, an only child, grew up in the low-rent government housing tenements of inner-city Sydney.  Showing a passion for art and film from an early age, he was given his first Super-8 camera for his 10th birthday. He was accepted into film school in Sydney at the unprecedented age of 17.

During his three year graduate course, a student short he made, GROPING received international acclaim, including award for Most Outstanding Short Film at London International Film Festival, 1982. He completed his first feature film SPIRITS in 1989, (wrote, co-produced and directed). Film won awards at festivals around the world (Houston, Yubari, Japan) and received critical and art-house success.

He wrote and directed short film WELCOME TO CRATELAND, screened in competition Cannes '94. Also in 1994 he completed work on THE CROW, starring Brandon Lee, released by Miramax. The film was a major critical & commercial success. In 1998 he completed work on his 3rd feature film as writer/director/producer – DARK CITY for New Line Cinema. Starring Rufus Sewell, Keifer Sutherland, Richard O’Brien, Jennifer Connelly, Ian Richardson and William Hurt. The film has earned it’s place as a long standing cult classic. In 2002 he completed GARAGE DAYS starring Kick Gurry, Pia Miranda and Maya Stange for Fox Searchlight. Invited to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival January 2003.

2004 saw the completion of Proyas’ I, ROBOT starring Will Smith. I, ROBOT is Proyas’ greatest commercial success to date - a world-wide hit.

In 2007 Proyas held the first solo gallery show of his photographic work. FEAR NOT DEATH’S SHADOW at Wallspace Gallery in Sydney, Australia. 2008 he completed KNOWING starring Nicolas Cage.


1994 Cannes Film Festival, Golden Palm award nomination

The Silver Scream Award

The Bram Stoker Award

The Film Critics Circle of Australia Award

The Pegasus Audience Award (Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film)



Knowing (2009)

I, Robot (2004)

Garage Days (2002)

Dark City (1998)

The Crow (1994)

Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1989)




Neon (1980)

Groping (1980)

Strange Residues (1981)

Spineless (1987)

Book of Dreams (1994)



Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)" - INXS (1986

Magic Touch" - Mike Oldfield

Don't Dream It's Over" - Crowded House (1987)

Holiday - The Other Ones (1987)

Rhythm Of Love - Yes (1987)

Better Be Home Soon " - Crowded House (1988)

Mysteries Of Love (Songlines) - Alphaville (1989)

The Best of Sting: Fields of Gold 1984-1994 (1994)

"In Your Eyes" - Dropbears (1985)